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Annyeong! My name is Alya ! :) Do follow me to read my stupid stories ;)#Sarawakian #Kai #Luhan <3



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Hola ?


Hola ?

Here I am with new blog. This is my very very beloved blog. Today I wanna tell all of you about myself whom being hate by my own friends. Now , I am just a girl in a big big world. Lalalala~ I just want a friend that realised how painful I am without friend. But, no more no less they are all the same. >< There's nothing like us, nothing like you and me together through the storm :') I like that song badly. Just hoped someone could share with me this song. :) When I have my dream came true, I want to have them with me to share all my story. Sad or happy , gone through with a bestie. Just forget about it. That will not happen. I don't have a real friend right now. Theres nothing to talk about. No long no short it has to be a real one. No matter what happen, I wish I have a real friend. Always wished ! Bytheway, do you know ? My enemy (old one) was talking or tweeting to me? HAHA xD What had happened anyway ?


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