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My story for 20 April 2013 ~


Ehh haiii ~

Heyy there. Tegur duluu. J

Nak cerita sikit.
I have a crush. His name is tuttttt. Tutt is my crush for 2 years already. I wish I can own him J But nevermind. He has his heart owner. I will have a crush at him until the day I stop thinking about him. My friends ? Doesn’t know about it. Bytheway, they call me a “kick girl” Why ? Because I love to laugh ! My teacher says I have a good attitude SOMETIMES. Because during my English class, I asks my teacher many questions until my teacher is tired about me J Its doesn’t matter anyway. HAHA. You know what ? I want to learn Korean language. Why ? Because its interesting. And a thing called Gwiyomi, its kinda cute. (FOR KIDS) A girl has done it perfectly and cutely. She is cute !! Just they don’t know to comment about it and dislike the video. Okay, I think its kinda over the line. I already saw some Gwiyomi done by Facebooker’s and some of them are cute! I love it ! I don’t like to try to do the GWIYOMI that thing because its funny when I try to do it. Shame on me. HAHA J Okay, if you do the Gwiyomi thing, I think its cute. But me ? Its funny + shame ! Ugly ugly ugly ! HEHE :D Okay. This time I want to stop typing on this blog by Assalamualaikum and a picture of me wearing a cap ! That cap is a special gift from my beloved family J


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