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My Beloved Sista :)

Hey hey ! What are you doing? Are you okay? Okay, today I felt like I am going to post something special about my sista :D Not a real sister but she cared for me. Just that, I rarely can meet her and this makes me sad. Her name is Nur Amirah, Myra for short. She is known for her Facebook name which is Myra Mc'Krolala. She is pretty. You know that? Okay. Now, I want to tell you all about her. She is pretty and beautiful girl. Some people may hates her but I am not one of them and I think you are not one of it. Isn't ? I hope so. And 1 more thing. You know , she is already taken by somebody special *to her* who is Ijan @ Mohd Shahrizan . She is one of my beloved sister. Eh, mistake ! She is my top beautiful sister. I really really hoped that she could be my sister. She made me as her page admin. Yeah. I was replacing the recent admin which is #A.A.F# because that #A.A.F# made a serious mistake towards Myra. So Myra deleted her name from the admin list. 
Secondly, I want to tell you about someone, you know who? Guess what, Dayang Nur Farzilah   @ Zyla . She is a beautiful girl with a simple boy. Her boyfie is kinda' handsome. I don't know. She is always with a status " Single but not available. So, I could not say if she has a boyfie. Her beloved boyfie name? Oh, that is a top secret. Her crush? I don't know. HEHE ;D Smile. She likes a boy named Nasrul Azizul Rahman. Find him on twitter @nasrullavegas handsome. He makes me melt ! :D He already followed me on twitter and I was so so so so so so so EXCITED ! Sorry , I was going far from the topic. Hehe. Myra and Zyla is a twin. *beautiful twin* oops, I forgot about the other girl which was their twin. Lyana Ilyana. Awesome twin *NaLaLa Twin* Equal to : LyaNA + KrolaLA(MYRA) + ZyLA. :) Perfect twin of the day. :D But, there is something missing from three of them. Hahaha . Just kidding . Loveya sis ! This is my post dedicated to them :) UPSR is coming towards me . :)


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